Tennessee’s long-awaited breakthrough against Florida came in 1998 as the Vols won 20-17 in overtime. Florida kicker Collins Cooper missed a game-tying field goal in overtime. Legendary Tennessee radio announcer John Ward, in his final season with the Vols, delivered one of his classic calls as the kick sailed wide left and Tennessee fans rushed the field.

“So the score, Tennessee 20, Florida 17 and the Gators with a field goal made will tie the game. Snap, the kick this time is…No Sir-ree! No Sir-ree! Final score, Tennessee 20, Florida 17! Pandemonium reigns!”

Unfortunately, the following video cuts off before Ward’s classic line of “pandemonium reigns,” but it captures the relief and joy felt by Vols players, coaches and fans after losing 5 consecutive games to Florida.


Tennessee tries to break Florida’s current streak of 7 consecutive wins over the Vols on Saturday night in Knoxville. Florida leads the overall series 22-19, a series once led by Tennessee 10-0.