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SEC Kickoff with Vince Dooley — Week 2.

Dooley breaks down Week 1, including a key play in the South Carolina-Vanderbilt game, and previews the weekend ahead. Enjoy. 



Dooley won 6 SEC crowns

Via the SEC Digital Network, former Georgia head coach and athletic director Vince Dooley will be providing a weekly look at the conference’s games as well as a look back to some classic moments in SEC history.¬†Sounds right down our alley.

Dooley turns 80 in September and has more than 50 years of service in the SEC, proving that once it gets in your blood it stays for life. He’s quite the historian, so his weekly show should provide you with something you didn’t know.

Without further adieu, Dooley addresses the SEC off-season, conference expansion and what to expect every week from his show: